Open Source

Open Source

netz98 is a open company which supports many open source projects.
On our github page you can see a great list of public available projects.


The project also known as “magerun” is the most famous cli tool to manage Magento projects. It’s designed to minimize the effort to manage or customize Magento as developer or administrator.
The tool is pre installed on many Magento hostings.

Please feel free to visit the dedicated website of the project:


The MageDeploy2 project was initially created by Matthias Walter. It is a tool to get your Magento2 Deployment setup in a short amount of time. It is ought to solve some common tasks regarding the deployment that occur in every Magento2 Deployment. It can be used locally or on a Build Server. It can also be used in Pipeline Deployments, as every stage has a distinct command through which it can be invoked.

The Project can be found here:

Any kind of Feedback and Contributions are always welcome.