Nice to know: Install N98-Magerun via Composer

Nice to know: Install N98-Magerun via Composer

There is a so far merely undocumented installation procedure for Magerun that is extremely handy in project configurations.

You just require Magerun within the Magento project and you can then execute it from the vendor’s bin folder:

Afterwards if you commit the composer.json  and composer.lock  files it is a take-away for the whole team.

So it is regardless whether you’re running it locally, inside a docker container or a complete different system. After composer install, n98-magerun2 is available on all target systems.

Just Another Install Example

Here another example I just did with one of our systems that run via docker on my end, but I’m installing on my local system (the folder is mounted inside the docker container):

The --ignore-platform-reqs  switch make composer to install it even despite my local system does not have all Magento2 requirements.

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